TurbopanThe Turbopan® is a valuable tool in the search for gold. Whether digging for gold is a hobby or your profession, the Turbopan® lets you search large amounts of material by working like a sluice. However, it needs no running water, because it uses gravity.

The Turbopan® gold pan comes in two different sizes: 40 cm (16") available in green and black and 25 cm (10") in black. The Turbopan® is available in our online shop.

The Turbopan® gold pan increases your chance of finding gold.

The gold pan was developed in Australia by a geologist and prospector with over 20 years experience.

Through practical tests and feedback from customers Turbopan® was developed from several prototypes, as we get in the trade today.

How does the Turbopan® work?

Because of its flat surface the pan (about 5 cm around the edges), gold and other heavy metals go straight down to the bottom of the pan and are collected in a central recess. After the gold was collected through the sluice it is then being held in the distinctive fluted system.


Quick instructions:

  1. Make sure the clean up riffles are on the side away from you, then put the pan underwater and spin it anti-clockwise and clockwise through 180 degrees to get the load saturated.
  2. Check the central trap for compaction and water saturation with your finger.
  3. Use an anti-clockwise circular motion to get the dirt-load into motion over the circular riffle bed. This breaks up the dirt and prevents compaction.
  4. The gold and heavy minerals quickly get into the riffle grooves, which gravity then feeds into the central trap. The light sands and clays fly outwards due to centrifugal force. Alternate between a centering swirl to get the "heavies" into the middle and the "lights" to the surface and outside, then an ejection swirl.
  5. The shallowness of the pan allows the large pebbles to be easily scrapped off and discarded.
  6. Once the amount of material left just covers the central trap, do a couple of clockwise swirls, then 5 seconds of vigorous backwards/forwards and sideways shakes.
  7. Then tilt the pan away from you gently, and shake the pan side to side while tilting up to about 30 degrees.
  8. Pan off the waste until the concentrate in the central trap covers about a 50 cent piece.
  9. Tilt the pan back towards you and the gold will be there.
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Don't worry if you still see some gold on the clean up riffles. With practice you will work out your own technique.


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